❛ 3-desejos ❜ is a very simple software designed to encourage the habit of taking notes among teenage students. By manipulating simple windows tasks such as creating, writing and saving files, the program offers two ways of having a study note ready to use without having to create it. Of course the «third» wish is the option to quit the program without changing a thing. For a gui the program uses the windows pop-up “alert”, “confirmation” and “error” prompts.

After a splash screen informing user that he/she was granted 3 wishes, the user is then prompted to choose from one of three possible «wishes» (buttons).

3-desejos application workflow

Pressing «Yes» saves a file in the working folder named “My study notes” (in portuguese) for later use.

Pressing «No» opens notepad, writes a temporary file: a four-note template” (in portuguese) which can be edited and saved.

Pressing «Cancel» fires an alert and then quits the program. All options have a delay allowing the program to exit if no interaction occurs after a period of time.

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