vitordematos . design is the work of Vítor de Matos, a portuguese designer, philosopher and educator based in Coimbra, Portugal and working globally. He also runs the shop vitordematos design store where you can acquire some exclusive and carefully thought out design pieces.

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Vítor de Matos is a portuguese cross-media graphic designer, content manager, animator, storyteller, alfacinha, philosopher and educator. He has made his major studies in Philosophy at FLUL—Universidade de Lisboa and in Multimedia Design at FCTUC—Universidade de Coimbra. He keeps on learning, thinking, designing, making and teaching. In search of nice ways to make good things happen.

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Vítor de Matos is also a thinkerer and foss enthusiast. And he has contributed to several community software projects that empower people to take back control of their data, keep their privacy and foster usability of technology, promoting user freedom and fighting monopolies, thus fostering civil liberties through out the world wherever people are.

❛ Caminante, No Hay Camino ❜ is a personal stop-motion animation and an homage to the spanish poet António Machado.
A poetical and philosophical thought on the pleasure of letting oneself through nature and knowing and not knowing exactly where one's heading in space and time. Footage featuring flora at Vale do Poio, Portugal.
Concept, image, and assembling by Vítor de Matos

❛ O que sou eu ❜ is a personal mixed media movie and an homage to the portuguese poetess and playwright Yvette K. Centeno. A poetical meditation on life and identity, crossing poetry and biology. Reflections on a bucket + Processing under portuguese Spring daylight.
Concept, image, and assembling by Vítor de Matos

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